First NYC Performance with CorbinDances

This comes from my first professional performance in NYC in the Spring of 2008 with CorbinDances. It was such an enjoyable experience understudying with Patrick Corbin and you never know when you’ll go on! This was it: Fresh Tension at Joyce SoHo, 2008, in his classic work Reach!  

The Grand Spectacle: Allentown Pennsylvania – Jan 4

January 4th of 2014 the New York Baroque Dance Company started the year off with an amazing and extremely unique performance at the Allentown Art Museum in Pennsylvania. I had the wonderful opportunity of premiering a costume by Jane Stein (you must check out her amazing website!!). Based off of a performance in the 1640’s for King Louis XIV’s 7th birthday, it was brought to life by the Master of Ceremonies, a two-faced juggler, Scaramouche and myself as the exotic ostrich!  Commissioned by Starr Siegele, in collaboration with an art exhibition, and choreographed by Catherine Turocy, this was certainly a…