Baroque Dance Class at MMDC – November 4

Come join me at the Mark Morris Dance Center for a New York Baroque Dance Company open class! 

Class will be on Saturday November 4, 2017

Mark Morris Dance Center, Brooklyn, NY

3:30-5:30 pm

Sign up for the class here!

Whether you are new to Baroque dance or a seasoned performer looking for more opportunities and direction in the period style, this class will allow you to revisit the foundations of Baroque technique/ideologies and the importance of relationships (to music, space, and other dancers). Those with more advance training will be challenged to incorporate advanced step patterns and practice the nuanced arm details of this period.

For more on the two contredances I will be teaching, explore the links below:

La Folichon
La Gasconne

FAQ are answered at the New York Baroque Dance Company’s listing.



Special thanks to the students from FSU who joined us for class in September!
Hope to see you again soon!