I have had the opportunity to perform nationally and internationally as a soloist for various companies while also presenting work as a solo artist in NYC. The genres in which I work include modern, contemporary, East Indian/modern fusions, ballet, Historic Baroque and Renaissance styles, and more.


Kennedy Center • Lincoln Center • Joyce Theater • La Mama • Berkley, CA • Le Nuit Festival, France • Hillwood Museum and Garden • Bronx Botanical Garden • 92nd St and 14th St. Y • Dance Theater Workshop • Ailey Citigroup Theater • Frederick Lowe Theater • Spencer Museum of Art, KS • Transit Museum, NY • etc.


New York Baroque Dance Company • Sokolow Dance Theater Ensemble • Cohen/Suzeau • Kazuko Hirabayashi Dance Theater • CorbinDances • Intercultural Arts Dialogue • Bowery Dancers • University Dance Company, University of Kansas

Works by

Doris Humphrey (soloist) • Anna Sokolow (soloist) • Eleanor King (soloist) • José Limón (featured) • Ernestine Stodelle (soloist) • Douglas Dunn (duet premier) • Nellie Van Bommel (soloist) • Wally Cardona • Kate Skarpetowska (featured) • Patrick Corbin (featured) • Susan Koff (soloist) • William Whitener • Benny Simon • John Bessant III

Fridays at Noon – 92nd St Y, NY

Two Ecstatic Themes (1931) – 5 min. 50 sec.

Choreography by Doris Humphrey; Taught and directed by Gail Corbin
Danced by Meggi Sweeney Smith
Music by Nikolai Karlovich Medtner and Gian Francesco Malipiero
(Tragoedie a moll – Cherche che paisano)
Costume Design by Sam Harris, after the original by Pauline Lawrence

“Two Ecstatic Themes” is the keynote to Miss Humphrey’s mature work. The first part, “Circular Descent”, is soft and sinking, to convey an emotional feeling of acquiescence. The second part, “Pointed Ascent”, in contrast to the first part, rises to a strident climax suggestive of aggressive achievement. The whole is a counterpoint of circular and angular movement, representing
the two inseparable elements of design as well as life itself.
This choreography is being presented with the permission of the Doris Humphrey Foundation For Dance.

As I Remember – 15 min. 12 sec.

I.    Lament for a Dead Bullfighter (1941)
II.    Ballade in a Popular Style (1936)
III.    Kaddish (1945)

Choreographer: Anna Sokolow
Coached and Directed by Jim May

Taught by:
I.    Francesca Todesco
II.    Melissa Sobel
III.    Samantha Geracht

Dancer: Meggi Sweeney Smith

I.    Silvestre Revueltas
II.    Chick Corea (The music was originally whistled by Alex North)
III.    Maurice Ravel

Costumer: Eleanor Bunker

The suite “As I Remember” was presented by Daniel Lewis’s “Contemporary Dance System” in 1975 at the American Place Theater in NYC. The work combined three of Anna Sokolow’s solos from her past performing days.

This is being performed with permission from the Sokolow Theater/Dance Ensemble.

Historic Baroque Dance
New York Baroque Dance Company – Le Touquet, France 2012

Directed and Choreographed by Catherine Turocy of the New York Baroque Dance Company with James Richman, conductor.

 Mr. Shirley’s Minuet for six dancers – 5 sec.

The Diana (1725) by Mr. Siris – 3 min and 30 sec.

Duet by Meggi Sweeney Smith and Olsi Gjeci

Le Carillon d’Oxfort (an English country dance published as a French contredanse in Paris in 1706) – 7 min. 5 sec.


CorbinDances – Joyce Theater, NY

Choreography by Patrick Corbin – 2011



Coming soon East Indian/Modern Fusions!