If you’re looking for historically grounded information to use for your own production or creative process, I am happy to customize and share information to help meet those needs!

I have worked with opera companies, prominent modern choreographers, Broadway musicals, universities, and theater companies to bring their productions to life in a manner that honors the past and uses it to inspire the way the we move forward. In the past this has ranged from

  • Choreographing and staging dances 
  • Teaching basic steps and dances to choreographers and performers
  • Teaching historic etiquette
  • Consulting on the social/cultural structures and ideologies from the Renaissance and Baroque periods
  • Providing supplemental material, imagery, online resources and musical advisement as needed. 

Collaborated, choreographed/taught dances, and consulted in the Joint Stock process:

Advised on etiquette and period movement with classes for performers and supplemental material for the choreographic process:

Taught and choreographed movement, staged actors, and advised on period etiquette and ideologies:

Advised choreographer Alexandra Beller early in the creative process, allowing her to ground her own movement explorations and then incorporate her personal ideas and perspectives for specific productions.

I use the creative process to develop compassion for that which is foreign to me. I want my work to trigger memory, emotion and heightened awareness through images that are electric, disarming and provocative.   – Alexandra Beller, modern dance choreographer